OFM DE & Benelux

Openfietsmap Germany & Benelux

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[   ]OFM_DE_BNL(29-03-2014).zip29-Mar-2014 09:17 1.8GMap installer for BaseCamp/MapSource
[   ]OFM_DE_BNL(gmapsupp_29-03-2014).zip29-Mar-2014 09:16 1.8GImage file that can be placed directly onto the SD-card of the GPS.
[TXT]readme.html28-Mar-2014 13:36 3.6KInstructions for installation

OFM DE_BNL footnote Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, map style © Openfietsmap.nl
Elevation data provided by freizeitkarte-osm.de: © SRTM-Data / NASA and Jonathan de Ferranti (viewfinderpanoramas.org)